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"Challenges are like waves, you can't stop them from coming but you can choose which to surf"

We turn brilliant ideas into working products & profitable businesses. We create products and services, build companies/departments and create concepts for our clients. We dare to test, adjust and risk it all. We have always an open mind and never too old to learn. We never lean on today’s successes because they will create failures of tomorrow. We focus on our goal and accept that you sometimes have to fail in order to grow. Authenticity is our success! Always supported by friends, social network, knowledge and the ability of sharing experiences.

We create brands so people won’t 'just buy' your products and services, but making it an essential part of their lives.


How do you drink yours?

We never start a meeting without a proper coffee

Lieke & Sven really loves Bakkies!

Seduce us with a "Latte with an espresso next to it "