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We design products and services. We do this from scratch or we start with a prototype someone else already designed. We work with inventors and investors who just have an awesome idea or with companies that want to innovate their product portfolio. We have an in-house development team that knows the entire design process. From context, market and customer research till development of the physical product/service. We build, prototype and test products in-house. We have all facilities to make awesome MVP's and proven concepts. Visit our location and see where ideas meet reality.


Design alone doesn't create a sustainable business. We fit the new design into the existing company or we create a perfect fitting new business. Together with our clients, start-ups and intrapreneurs we transform brilliant ideas into (existing) departments or even companies. Our methodology provides a new way of bringing innovative concepts, products and services to market. Our in-house facilities, experience and network minimise risk of failure and accelerate growth within fast changing markets. We can start working with you at any given point in the process. You set the goal, we guide you there.


From hosting innovation sessions to fully managing your project. Our innovation managers and creative facilitators help you with this. Innovation managers manage your daily project work schedule for you. They manage those seemingly mundane activities such as organizing and chairing meetings, drafting agendas, taking minutes, and following up on actions but they can also prepare creative innovation sessions for you. They know the details and keep the overview. They prepare each step in the project, can even monitor the budget and ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right moment. As people managers, we support you and your team personally.

Your success is our goal

Innovation puts pressure on the organization and on you. What risks are you taking? How can you maintain an overview? How can you anticipate new developments? In short, how can you be sure of a successful innovation project, one that runs smoothly and delivers an excellent result?

We’re not only the ones that can advice but we will also invest and work hands on with you. You may learn from our mistakes from the past so you don’t have to.

The secret is backward planning to gain overview

As the one having final responsibility, you need a firm grip on things; you need to know that all will turn out well. 7evens innovation managers can provide you with exactly the information you require to be able to make decisions. We have a great deal of experience in this respect; we understand what is important for you.

Hocus pocus keep the focus

Providing structure is the first step towards getting a focus on your project. We use our own innovation methods, but always mirror your internal processes. Moreover, when our insights grow, we also like to adapt our own processes. The result is a ecosystem like innovation process which is suited to your organization and personal goals.

Setting goals

Our innovation manager oversees planning and makes individuals or teams work towards a milestone that is set during the backward planning. Professional athletes use this proven method so they are ready to peak at the exact time. Our innovation manager will keep track of the schedule and divide it into small steps with a clear goal per week. When time and budget is short we can use a Design Sprint method that will solve big problems in only 5 days. This creates focus, your team will know what to do, and you can make the right decisions. An additional benefit of these milestones and sprints are that it is very satisfying and energizes the team to keep on going even when it’s getting tough.


Our innovation managers are trained as project managers and are familiar with all facets of the job. They have in-depth knowledge of the ‘hard’ side of the work, but also have experience with the ‘soft’ side. Innovation is teamwork and a successful innovation is always the result of cooperation between all the parties involved. Our project leaders always keep a close eye on the team’s performance; they speak the language of all disciplines, bridge the gap between different departments and mediate in conflicts and let you and your people shine.

Your success is our goal, we are the business coach that full fill your potential.

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