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We design products and services for a sustainable business

Together with our customers we create, design, develop and even participate. We turn brilliant ideas into working products / services. Daring to test, adjust and risk it all. Always open minded and never to old to learn.

Calico will never lean on today’s successes because they can create the failures of tomorrow. Calico has accepted that you need to fail in order to grow. Never afraid to engage with internal and external audiences from all levels. Authenticity is our succes! Always supported by friends, network, knowledge and the ability of sharing experiences.

Our methodology will help large to midsized organizations in their search for innovative growth. We can develop, together with you, new products and services all the way from MVP to Go2Market. You will set the boundaries, we will guide you through it. Together we will transition your business to sustainable growth.

Calico Jack

English pirate and captain in the Caribbean. Jacks life mission in life was to never be forgotten. This liberal captain brought women on his ship and he is the designer of the best-known pirate flag that is being used till today.

Jack smuggled illegal fabric called Calico, which is named after the Indian city of Calicut. The colorful fabric gave Jack his name. Inspired by his legacy, we work under the name Calico, since 1720 the legend lives on. To us Calico represents pioneer work, color, history and design.


o. (-s), (original) cotton of Calicot or Calcutta; (now) a fine fabric used for binding books, therefore: CALICOT LINED; fine pressed calico-like paper; - servant at a manufacturer; -FACOTRY, v. (en)

~ Van Dale 1898

Groot woordenboek der Nederlandsche taal


Are much like waves, we can't stop them from coming but we can choose which to surf